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The (strictly no-business) podcast that shall never become yet another to-do item in a busy CEOs life. A storytelling playground and save space for irresponsible experimentation. We willll talk martial arts, ponder the nature of life, have conversations with weirdos and misfits, shamelessly fail in public, and share what we learn along the way.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 063: Don't Solve Other People's Problems

    One of the questions that reading Kafka has brought up in my mind is: How much pain are we causing others by trying to carry their burden? How much of the help I'm providing to others is really in the long run taking away their potential blessings? Part of Inner ...


  2. 062: My Ridiculous Subconscious Thoughts

    Here's another episode that can be tagged with "aftereffects of reading Kafka". Little Voice In My Head A: "Steli, it's 11am and you've not done anything yet". To which Little Voice In My Head B responded: "Well, fuck you, I ...


  3. 061: Fatherhood Odyssey: Remember to Have Fun

    Another beautiful insight that came out of some time I spent with my two sons recently was this: Remember to have fun when you do fun stuff. Shownotes:  Connect with me:  ...


  4. 060: Reading With Steli: The Trial by Franz Kafka

    I recently started reading The Trial by Franz Kafka, and there's one thing I really love about this book: It has already raised so many questions in my mind and made me think thoughts I wouldn't have pondered if it weren't for this book. This episode ...


  5. 059: Fatherhood odyssey: The power of nonjudgmental encouragement

    Now that I'm back in Germany, I'm spending a lot of time with my two sons, and there was a beautiful experience of trust and courage we've shared together that I want to capture here. Shownotes:  Connect with me:  ...